September 2016

Agent of the week…

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It’s a new week which means only one thing…..the King & Queen trophy are up for grabs! Who will take their majesties home this week? Only time & sales figures will tell!

Team Building……. Literally…

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Today’s energiser we thought would better way to build the team up then to knock them down in the first place. The aim of the game is to be locked with your partner & rise to your feet from the floor without using your hands.! Judging by the photos it appears the boy’s methods seemed [...]

Hark for Harold’s!

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Harry has been on an energiser winning streak for over a week now & it appears no one is going to stop him anytime soon! It’s good to see from the below picture Harry is keeping his modesty & not gloating about his win in the slightest

Who am I…

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No, we aren’t about to get all philosophical & discuss who we are & the meaning of the life. It’s just another day at Creative & another energiser to boost our day! A simple but hilarious game which gets all the team thinking along with their sides splitting is Who am I. With questions that [...]

August 2016


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With Linzi celebrating her 5 years at Creative it seemed only fitting that we took a group photo before we all entered a cake coma! Back Left – Right: Valentino & Sonny Left – Right: Chantelle, Natalia, Niah, Lauren, Katilin, Becci, Shannon, Nula, Dylan, Liz, Linzi, Jane, Steve & Lucas Front Left – Right: Caitlin, [...]

5 Years – WOOOWZA

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Celebrating Linz's 5 year work anniversary today in the office - Well done - here's to the next 5 :) #Creative #Telemarketing #FiveYears #Anniversary#WeKissAllTheFrogs

July 2016


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We have a visitor this morning #Bambi #Creative #Puppy #FridayFunday

Congratulations & Celebrations

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Congrats to two members of the team who have just passed their degrees #CelebratoryChampagne #TeamCT #Telemarketing #Expanding#Telemarketing

Competition Day

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Competition day in the office today as the sun is shining #OfficeCompetition #MayTheBestTeamWin #Telemarketing #Targets#Prizes #Incentives #Goals #Creative

June 2016

Hen in the house…

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Creative have a hen in the house Congrats, we wish you lots of happiness